Over $79,000 a year – that’s how much financial aid Larry Diemand of Ohio got for his 2 kids.

“After taking advantage of their professional assistance, our family’s EFC was dramatically reduced to less than $10,000 per year, resulting in a $13,000/year reduction of our daughter’s college expenses.

Our son is now in his first year at a $46,000/ year Ivy League school. We are now spending less than $10,000/year total for both our children, who attend schools costing a total of $89,000 annually” ~Larry Diemand Ohio

Will you get this kind of free money for college?

It’s a great question.

And it’s one of the main reasons my team and I developed a special FREE College Funding Analysis.

During your FREE analysis with one of our local advisors you’ll learn…

  • What can be done to lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and/or your family’s overall college costs, while maximizing your eligibility for financial aid.
  • What specific strategies you can take advantage of to help increase your child’s chances of getting accepted into the colleges they’re most interested in.
  • A snapshot of your current college funding situation, including an expert estimate on how much your situation could improve, by incorporating applicable college admissions & financial aid strategies.
  • How your child can attend an expensive private college — for less than the cost of a state school.
  • Plus answers to many more questions you may have…

All you have to is fill out the form below to secure your family’s free college funding analysis right now…

By the way, there is absolutely no obligation to buy or do anything more during this free analysis other than to get insider information on how your family can reduce the cost of college for your child.


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  • What can be done to lower my Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and/or my family’s overall college costs, while maximizing my eligibility for financial aid.
  • What specific strategies I can take advantage of to help increase my child’s chances of getting accepted into the colleges they’re most interested in.
  • Answers to many more questions I may have

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"Simply put, the College Planning Network took the worry out of the process and saved us time and money..."
~ The Owen Family "
"The College Planning Network allowed us the opportunity to have our son attend the college of his choice without the entire anticipated financial burden..."
~ The Simpson Family "
"The College Planning Network also enabled our daughter to go to Case Western, which was a school we were not even considering due to the high tuition..."
~ The Drake Family
“I found myself saying “this sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” There was no “catch”, just a detailed total plan of lowering our Expected Family Contribution…”
~ The Anderson Family
“We are just starting out with two of three children. One is in college now and we have hopes of receiving more financial help with him.”
~ Gail H.
“We highly recommend this service, it give you peace of mind and helps you fully understand the college application process. worth the money for sure!”
~ Jacquelynn V.C.
“I have to admit, when I saw CPN’s video I was sceptical; however now would recommend CPN to anyone who has college bound students.”
~ Pat C.
“I truly believe that Catherine would not be attending the college of her choice without your help.”
~ Jane K.
“We are so glad for CPN’s help, and for the excellent follow up when additional information and yearly FAFSA is required.”
~ The Klimas Family
“…time well spent on how to arrange a plan for our finances that will save us THOUSANDS on the EFC for our daughter’s college education.”
~ The David Family
“The biggest benefit is that they counseled us through the FASFA process, helping us receive the lowest EFC for the past three years.”
~The Teare Family
“Because we are new to this “college jungle”, the stress level has been greatly reduced to know we can always call with any questions and they will get back with us in a timely manner.”
~The Copenhaver Family
“The approach CPN utilizes is a personal and a very thorough review, taking into consideration all of the aspects of the search process…”
~The Andrus Family
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