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Record College Applications for Class of 2015

Scott:  Hi this is Scott Weingold over at CollegeMadeSimple.com, and what I wanted to talk about today was the fact that colleges are seeing significantly more applications than they ever have before and what you can do about it.

An example… UCLA saw over 60,000 applications.  Columbia saw a 32% increase in applications.  Harvard, Yale and the University of Pennsylvania all saw double digit increases.  So what’s happening is because students are now applying to more and more schools; in turn, the schools can now be more and more selective, so it’s kind of like a vicious circle.

What you really need to do is make yourself stand out now more than ever.  You really have to position your student in a way that the colleges are really going to want your student because they can be more selective nowadays.

The big things are writing the perfect essay.  It’s huge.  It’s one of your only chances to shine on the admission application.  Any kind of leadership roles that you’ve been involved in.  It’s not just extracurricular activities anymore.  The colleges know when a student is just taking things or taking part in activities just to build a resume.

They’d rather see you being involved with the same organization for awhile than 20 different organizations for brief stints.  So making yourself stand out, showing some leadership qualities.

Once again, the essay is huge, but really it’s presenting your hook to the school, making it so that they remember you.  They remember the captain of the kayak club more than they remember a linebacker on the football team.  It’s just more unique.  It stands out.  So it could be little things like that, which you really have to think through what makes your student unique.

What makes them special.  Not only in your eyes, obviously, but that the colleges, if you didn’t know them and this is really your chance, what is going to make you remember them and what is going to make it so that you really want to admit them to your school because you think that they’re going to add a lot of benefit to the incoming freshmen class.

These are just a couple strategies, but for more information on ways to make your student stand out, ways to present your hook to the school and make it so that they get into that dream school and make it so that paying for it is more easily affordable for yourself.

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