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The 4 Types of Parents in the College Application Process

Hi.  This is Scott Weingold over at College Made Simple, and today what I wanted to talk about was a new study that was done by Kaplan that showed that 77% of parents are now more involved in the college application process of their children than they ever were before.  They broke down the study into four types of parents which we thought was pretty neat.

The first one was “Helicopter Parents”, and these were parents who hover around their children and offer what some might consider to be too much help.

The second one was “Rolls Royce Parents”, who demanded the absolute best for their children no matter what the cost.

Then there were “Subway Parents”, and these are the parents who operate quietly underground before surfacing at the most awkward times, asking the most peculiar questions.

And then “Junker Parents”.  Junker parents who often times let their own life events and personal dramas get in the way of their children’s path to college.

So colleges and universities are definitely more aware of this nowadays, and what they’re doing is they’re creating specific tours for the parents, different seminars, websites and newsletters just for the parents because they know that they’re playing such an integral part in this process nowadays.

I thought that was a neat study that came out, and the question I pose that we’d love for people to comment on is what type of parent do you think that you consider yourself?  So we’d love to hear some feedback.

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