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Today's Post: Why Are National SAT Scores Down?

Over the years I’ve written about countless ways and reasons to be financially prepared for college.

After all, without proper financial preparation, students and their parents can easily be saddled with decades of debt.

That said, a recent study came out about academic preparation for college that turned my head.

It was the College Board’s just-published annual report on college and career readiness… Continue Reading

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Dear Reader,

Getting into the “right” college – while paying the lowest overall cost possible – are two of the hardest things students and parents come by during the college planning process.

I know this because my colleagues and I have talked to thousands of parents over the years.

One thing I’ve found – they are almost always surprised to learn there are steps they can take… strategies and techniques that can drastically improve their positions in both enrollment and cost, including:

Expertly navigating the financial aid process, such as how to master the FAFSA form and reduce your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)…
Finding the college that best suits your needs – along with the best financial aid package possible…
Saving for college AND taking control of the college funding process…
Knowing how the SAT really works, and how scores can be improved – dramatically…
Getting a leg up in college admissions – without lying, cheating or bribing…
Understanding the pros and (many) cons of 529 college savings plans…
Learning the when, where & how (and what to avoid) when it comes to college scholarships…

Years ago my partners and I set out to develop the Web’s most comprehensive and objective web site for college-bound students and their parents.

I invite you to explore the site, starting with our free college planning and savings reports.

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